What is bareboat Charter?

What is a bareboat charter?

Bareboat charter is like hiring a car, you skipper and use the boat as your own. You plan and go where you want to go, as if in you were in your own boat. The advantages of bare boat chartering are that you can charter (hire) a boat that will be inspected to the highest safety standard (MCA coding), you don’t have any maintenance costs, mooring fees and more importantly you don’t have thousands of pounds tied up in an asset that is often unused. With the average boat being used for only 20 days per year, chartering really is a sensible option when considering a route into boating days out.

What Qualification do I need?

The minimum qualification (to hire a rib) required would be an RYA Powerboat level 2, don’t worry if you don’t have this as we can provide this training for you. If you have lots of experience but no formal qualification again we can undertake a direct assessment before your charter.

Sounds great, but I’ve never been out by myself before.

Don’t worry we we will offer you as much help and advice as you need.  We also offer assisted charters, this is where you take an MCA RYA advanced powerboat skipper/instructor with you, so if you have any questions or need any advice they will be there in the boat for you. They can even offer you tuition through out your day.

How much does it cost and how does it work?

A days bareboat charter costs £325 per day, plus any fuel you burn. Your day would start with a full hand over of the boat and geographical orientation over a chart. Once you have finished with the boat at the end of the day you drop it back to where you collected it from and leave the keys with us. We will then clean and refuel the boat, once this has been carried out we will let you know your fuel burn.

To find out more about our RIB Charters please give us a call to arrange your tailored RIB charter today – 02381 242 159.