How to Become a Superyacht Crew Member

If you love to travel, working on a superyacht is an exciting career through which you can work outdoors in the sunshine, make great friends, visit countries across the globe – and get paid for it!

At Ocean Sports, we provide comprehensive boat and PWC tuition for those wanting to turn boating into a career. Whether you are looking to work as a deckhand, a steward, or a first officer, Ocean Sports has the right courses to make your dream job a reality. Keep reading to find out how to become a superyacht crew member!

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Superyacht Crew Member?

In this incredibly competitive industry, superyacht crew members are often expected to have a minimum level of qualifications (in some countries these qualifications are legally required) including STCW 95 Basic Training and an approved medical examination, but skippers are much more likely to hire crew with additional qualifications which are relevant to the role. Some examples of these additional qualifications include water sports qualifications such as a PWC proficiency course or a PWC instructor course.

How Can You Get Experience as a Deckhand or Yacht Crew Member?

If you are looking to gain some experience prior to applying for your first position on a superyacht, our Start Yachting course followed by our Competent Crew course are excellent opportunities to find out what life is like as a crew member. The Start Yachting course requires no previous experience, and is a great way to determine if crewing is the right career for you.

Do Superyacht Crew Members Live on Board?

Yes! If you are working on a superyacht, you will be living in crew quarters which are usually small, shared cabins located towards the stern side (back of the yacht). If you are someone who needs lots of personal space, working on a superyacht may not be for you! The crew quarters and galley (kitchen) are always much smaller than what you may be used to, as the space on board is prioritised for the guest’s use.

How Much Does a Superyacht Crew Make?

A starting salary for a steward/stewardess or a deckhand is usually around €2,000 per month, but can increase to €4,000+ for more senior roles. The larger the boat, the larger the salary for crew as there is more work to be done. A large incentive for crew members is the cash tips which are given to the captain at the end of the charter. These tips can amount to between 5% and 20% of the base charter fee, and is split equally between the crew.

About Ocean Sports Tuition

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